Michigan: The Right State

After a decade of financial struggle, Michigan has actively sought to educate its workforce, support its existing businesses, and create a climate in which businesses of all sizes can succeed. 

An important part of this has been the in-progress Michigan Turnaround Plan, an Action Plan created to allow the state to Compete, Invest, and Grow.

In addition, The Economic Development Partnership of Hillsdale County has many solutions customizeable to fit the needs of your business.  


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Business Climate at a glance:



Income Tax Rate      

0% Inventory Tax      

4.25% Tax            

       Rate on Individual Income 


    0% Personal Property   

Tax Rate on Machinery

Who's Here?

Current Industries

While Hillsdale County benefits from the skilled workforce and infrastructure as part of Michigan's Automotive Industry, we are also the home to a wide variety of industry. 

Technology, Healthcare, and Financial Services firms all call Hillsdale County home.

Our Agricultural output is consistently amongst the top counties of Michigan, and Hillsdale County is even the home of institutes of Higher Education as well as many lakes and areas of natural beauty. 

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